Top 25 All-Breed Totals

Great Danes AKC TopDogs Using All-Breed Totals
Starting January 1, 2017 and ending December 31, 2017

For Events Processed Through November 8, 2017

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   Wins Group  WinsTotal
1GCHP CH Neet's Whirlwind Romance CGCAD420468698,390
2GCHG CH Alpine's She's So Rock Steady Bam A LamB2710610727,524
3GCHG CH Creek Danes I'M The Head Honcho El Jefe V EnzoD39554655,203
4GCHG CH Southern Star Norse God Odin At ValhallaD06788664,095
5GCHG CH Mjm's Talk Of The TownD051277714,002
6GCHP2 CH Journey's Gentlemen Prefer BlondesB12491272,887
7GCHS CH Raintree Erinwood Dixie's Pin Up Girl V ElanB06863432,703
8GCHG CH Alpines Song Of ThesouthD06831341,897
9GCHS CH Double D N Lore's Ode To JoyD01223411,435
10GCHS CH Jpl's The Velvet DogD11211201,383
11GCHS CH Cabs Lagarada I'M The Naughty One V Castle CreekB00120181,073
12GCHS CH Ink Spot's From Sea To Shining SeaB00040161,028
13GCHG CH Olympian Alexander The GreatD0111018805
14GCHG CH Rosendane's The Big ShotD0301323768
15GCHB CH Cabs Lagarada Wrap'D N Gold Rib'N XrD0113121719
16GCHS CH Surf City's Yachtsman Of Dun RomanD0000221685
17GCHG CH Lagarada Danehills Star Struck TitanD0031112672
17GCHB CH Payaso Alto Gavea Henry KissingerD0010118672
19GCHS CH Remo's Inspector ClouseauD0001329589
20GCHS CH Whispering Pines Kaydeans Like Helli WillD0001228577
21GCHS CH Kemac's Majestic Warrior V HawthorneD0213034567
22GCH CH Teulu's Broadway's Mobilizing ImaginationD012018507
23GCHB CH Dane D'Coeur's She Rocks My WorldB0100221418
24GCHB CH Ourdanesno.1chanelofpililaniB000019357
25GCHS CH Eio's Path To Serenity At SpiritualB0000124348
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