GDR Would Like to thank Nikki Riggsbee for helping us get to
know some of our judges .

Great Dane Judges Directory:
Judges Approved to Judge Great Danes
Compiled by Nikki Riggsbee April 1, 2012
Submitted for inclusion on Great Dane Review 03/2012
Copyright April 1, 2012

So many people are approved to judge Great Danes. Some are multi-group judges who have been judging Danes for years. Others are breeder-judges with differing levels of experience breeding and judging. Some are newer judges who applied for and were approved to judge Great Danes as an additional breed.

Many things affect how a judge judges a breed. If they were breeders, they are affected by what they liked that they bred. Non-breeder-judges have developed a picture of the breed based on what they have seen, whom they have learned from, and what their priorities are.

Judging Great Danes can be a challenge for judges when they don�t find the quality dogs that they are looking for in the ring. They participated in this survey not only to let you know who they are, but also to let you know what they are looking for and the problems they are seeing when they judge.

Exhibitors are interested in knowing more about the judges who are on upcoming panels. Judges are interested in letting exhibitors know the virtues they are looking for and the faults they are seeing so that hopefully breeders can work on these in upcoming breedings.

For the directory, some AKC judges who are approved to judge Great Danes were asked the following questions.

1. What was your primary breed?
2. Where do you live?
3. Who were your mentors in Great Danes?
4. What are your breed priorities as you judge Great Danes?
5. What problems do you see in the breed?

Click on the judges name to view their response.
Great Dane Breeder Judges are identified with an asterisk (*).
New Judges that have been added to the list are blocked in red.

Ron Acena*.

Grace Acosta.

Carolyn Alexander.

Ralph Ambrosio.

Carl Anderson.

Joan Anselm.

Kurt Anselm.

Karin Ashe.

Winkie Assell*.

Howard Atlee.

Gary Bassett.

Carmen Battaglia.

Richard Beauchamp.

Kathy Beliew.

Catherine Bell.

Arlene Benko.

Norvel Benoit*.

Warren Benoit*.

Eva Berg.

May Bernhard.

Alberto Berrios.

Terry Berrios.

Rita J Biddle (Ryan, then O'Ryan)*.

Karen Billings.

Grace Black.

Jim Briley.

David Bolus.

Roberta (Bobbi) Brady.

Helen Briscoe*.

Mary Anne Brocious.

Frandel Brown.

Sam Burke.

Donna Buxton.

Ken Buxton.

Dany Canino.

Ray Carlisle.

Noreen Cartwright.

Sue Catlin.

Patricia Ciampa*.

Donna Clark*.

Houston and Toddie Clark.

Jon Cole.
John Connolly.

Peggy Conger.

Cathy Cooper.

Doris Cozart.

Jeraldeen Crandal.

Anitra Cuneo*.

Bill Cunningham.

Barbara Steinbacher Dalane*.

Judi Daniels.

Mims Datskow.

Cathy Daugherty.

Roberta Davies.

Denise Dean.

Terry DePietro.

Lisa DeRoulet*.

Bill deVilleneuve.

Karen Desjardins*.

Cathi DiGiacomo*.

Nancy Dinkfelt.

Marcie Dobkin.

Bradford Dunn.

Don Dvorak.

Robert Edison*.

Katie Edwards (Laurado)*.

Beverly Eichel.

Robert Eisele.

James (Jim) Ellis.

Robert Ennis.

Peggy Esposito.

William Farnan.

Marcia Feld.

Irma Fertl.

Rita Figg.

Barbara Finch.

Madeleine Fish.

Daneil W Fleitas.

Pamela Foulk.

Jean Fournier.

Phil Freilich.

Dody Froehlich.

Robert and Sara (Sally) Futh.

Pete Gaeta*.

Katie Gammill.

Ken Gentry.

Sherry Gibson.

Roger Gifford.

Helen Gleason.

Susan Godek.

Terry Goldman*.

Ralph Graff*.

Sulie Greendale-Paveza.

Jane Grey*.

Phil Grey*.

Vincent Grosso.

Dee (Heye) Guerra*.

Jane Haefner.

Sylvia Hammarstrom.

Larry Hansen Jr..

William A. Hargreaves.

Judy Harrington*.

Vern Harvey.

Pat Hastings.

Treasure Hauer-Wylie*.

Sharon (Fulford) Hennessey*.

Carolyn Herbel.

Ruby Hertz.

Jason Hoke*.

Albert Holabach.

Christina Hubbell*.

Stephen Hubbell*.

Nelson Huber.

Jim Hudspeth.

Theresa Hundt.

Robert Indeglia.

Gina Jaeblon.

Lynn Jech.

Keke Kahn.

Sophia Kaluzniacki.

Gloria Kerr.

Betty Koozer.

Carol Ann Kriesel.

Linda Krukar.

Glen Lajeski (Kolyer (co-bred with Kitty Kolyer))*.

Diane Landstrom.

Leah Lange.

Patricia Laurans l.

Victoria Jordan-Leichner.

Betty Regina Leininger.

Rosemary W Leist.

Cheryl Lent.

Nancy Lerch*.

Betty Lewis*.

Eric Liebes.

Carl Liepmann.

Ronald Lombardi.

Judy London*.

Audrey Lycan.

Eddie Lyons*.

Michael Madl*.

Gerald Mager.

George Marquis.

John Martin.

Karen Martin*.

Sam Houston McDonald.

Grace McGlynn.

Charlotte Clem McGowan.

Carolyn McKenna.

Donna McPhate.

Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna.

Dave Miller*.

Madeline Miller.

Joan Morrison*.

Linton Moustakis.

Michele Mulligan.

Vince Mulligan*.

Rudy Munoz.

George Murray.

Joe Napolitano.

Patti Neale.

Judy Newton.

Beverly Nosiglia.

Chris O’Connell*.

Larry Pagacz*.

Naida Parker*.

Joanne (Jan) Paulk.

Wayne Peterson*.

Micky Polimeni.

Angela Porpora.

Roger Pritchard.

Joe Purkhiser.

Janne Radcliffe.

Kay Radcliffe.

John Ramirez.

Surely Rawlings.

Leon Reimert*.

Jay Richardson.

Lenora Riddle.

Linda Riedel.

Nikki Riggsbee*.

Eric Ringle*.

Kathryn Roberts.

Stuart (Roger) Rogell.

Carlos Rojas.

John Ronald.

Jane Roppolo.

Virginia Rowland.

Cathleen (Cathy) Rubens.

Arlene Rubenstein.

Barbara Russell.

Rita Rynder.

Bill Sahloff.

Lois Sanford.

Andre B. Schoen*.

Harry H. (Butch) Schulman.

Barbara Schwartz.

Robert Sharp.

Michael Shea.

Robert Shreve.

Jim Sillers.

Warren Simon (Misty Valley )*.

Judy Smith.

Robert & Polly Smith.

Sharon Smith.

Walter Sommerfelt.

Linda Sparks.

Sharon Sparks.

Wanda Spediacci.

Ron Spritzer.

Thomson Stanfield.

William Stebbins*.

Faye Strauss.

John Studebaker.

Jill Swedlow*.

Dale Tarbox*.

Linda (Sciacca) Tilka.

Delbert Thacker.

Debra Thornton.

Joseph Tomey.

Tom Tracy.

Jane Treiber (Kino)*.

Patricia Trotter.

Marcia Tucker.

Robert Van Diver.

Bruce Voran.

Judith Voran.

Sandra Walker.

Alice Watt.

Jack Watts*.

Kay Watts*.

Sharol Candace (Candy) Way.

James White.

Lee Whittier.

Debby Wilkins.

Wendy & Paul Willhauck.

Eve Williams*.

Hank Williams.

Mary Lee Williams.

Carole Wilson.

Maryann Wilson (Daneridge)*.

Pamela Winter (Winstar)*.

Linda Witouski.

Donna Richards Wojon.

Adrian Woodfork.

Sharon Zaker.

Ruth Zimmerman.

Jean Zuver.