GDR Salutes One Of Our Top Producers
Ch Maitau's Never Better ROM, HOF

Bode has 46 Champions

Ch Windy Hill's Kodak Moment X Ch Maitau's Never Say Never
Owned and Bred by Pat Ciampa, Helen & Tiffany Cross

Bode's Get
CH Windy Hill's Goldmember
CH Windyhill Maitau Cosmic Envy
CH Windyhill's Ruffnready V Brf
CH Windy Hill Spurofthemoment Etal
CH Surfside Devil Or Angel National AOM  
CH Surfside Stairwaytoheaven Pbjs
CH Surfside She's Got The Look
CH Maitau's Nut "N" Better RN
CH Maitau's No Bones About It Paesan Top 20 contender
CH Maitau's Shines So Bright
CH Maitau's Grateful Dane
CH Vztop El Zorro
CH Vztop's Mr Macho Man
CH Vztop Pacific Joy V Tue-J'S
CH Rika Toncor Incorrigible Brier Lera
 CH Harley D Hardts A Fire Best in Show, Top 20 Contender, National AOM
CH Harley D Hardt's Mad About You
CH Lobato's Hot Target
CH Lobato's Secret Weapon National AOM
CH Lobato's Tactical Advantage
CH Lobato's Highly Classified
CH Sasmac's A Princess Is Born
CH Sasmac 3's Co. V Shiloh Xr
CH Sasmac Xr Raisetheroof Rosie
CH Primrose Its All About Me
GCH CH Rosendane's Just Like Heaven Top 20 Contender
CH Rosendane's The Devil Wears Prada
CH Borghi's Born In The Usa
CH Wil-Tor's Ya Neva No
CH Wil-Tor's Surefire Fun In The Sun
CH Wil-Tor's Let Me Entertain U
CH Wil-Tor's Tahyna
CH Halls Creek Jedi V Pacific
CH Dynkn Brcrlo Mischief N' Blk N' Gld
CH Dynknbrcrlo Mr Wndrfl Dbl D
CH Dundane's Queen Of Hearts II
CH Dundane's Second Chance
CH Dundane's Mischievous Maylay
CH Gemstone Hypnotic
CH Tally Ho N Geyers Day Tripper V Gemstone
 GCH CH Surfside Lera Shell Seeker National WB, BOW and BP
CH Surfside Lera Brier Beach Bum
CH Surfsdelera Pointbreak Frsde Tlbrk
CH Surfside Lera Wave Ryder  Top 20 Contender
CH Surfside Lera Ripcurl
CH Surfside Lera Sandcastle V Modon

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