2017 AKC Point Schedule
2014 AKC Point Schedule

Past Articles On GDR

Changing the Top 20
By Marshall Stoner

Remembering Maureen Clark – A Life Well Lived
By Chantel Johnson

Showing Bites
By Katie Edwards with Georgia Hymmen

By Georgia Hymmen

Master Breeders and the Difference
By Nikki Riggsbee

Great Dane Puppies and Children
By Georgia Hymmen

Making Your Dane Adaptable: How to Prevent Mommy-itis
By Georgia Hymmen

How To Guide for Stacked Shots

12 Questions with Steve Arnold

Sample CGC Training Program
by Melissa Pevy

It’s as simple a Black and White
by Bill Stebbins

Widening The Winner’s Circle

Ear Cropping Poll

Great Dane Movement
By: Nikki Riggsbee

Are We Turning our Dogs into Wolves?
By: Virginia Zurflieh
Jane Chopson Tribute

2013 National Specialty Judges

2014 National Specialty Judges

Prepare For That Dog Emergency
Katie Edwards

CGC Training Plan
Melissa Pevy

Eukanuba Junior Handler Finalist!
Kylie Soafer

AKC Therapy Dogs
Poggi and Tina

Juniors with John Mark

Pet Expo 2012

Ch Ace-Hi One of ThsNights Zarlin

Canine Accupuncture
By Alxe Noden

The Newbie
By Alxe Noden

Great Dane Color Faults
By Nikki Riggsbee

Blood Screening Tests Offered For Heart Disease & Cancer
By Jp Yousha

Blue Recessive Explanation!
Maureen J. Clark, Sharcon Great Danes

Preferred Breed Type
Why The Stand-Out Best Dog Can Be A Loser

E. Katie Gammill

Master Breeders And The Difference
By Nikki Riggsbee

Monterey Great Dane Club Judge’s Comments (July2011)

Great Dane Balance And Proportion
By Nikki Riggsbee

Int CH UAG 1
Liberty’s Mission Impossible RN, OA, OAJ, CGC – “Winners”
A True Working Dane

Choosing The Right Sire
By Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia

Checks And Balances
By Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia

Hygroma Treatment

Great Dane Club Of Las Vegas Specialty
By Treasure Hauer (2010)

The 2009 Illini Great Dane Specialty
By Judge Mr. Clyde Morris

How To Get The Best Show Picture You Can
By Kit Rodwell

Plan For Picking Abest In Show Dog
By Randy Weaver

Prophylactic Gastropexy (Elective Stomach Tacking)
By Tracy Powell, DVM

Yesterday It Was Good, Today It Is Bad, Keep Your Fingers Crossed For Tomorrow!
By Tracy Powell, DVM

Think Before You Jump
Cynthia Carlson, Jd, DVM
Esquire Great Danes

Finding Your Blue Genes: A Primer For Black & Blue Dane Breeders About Genetic Color Testing
By Jp Yousha

The Great Dane Club Of California 2007 Specialty Judging Assignment
By Clyde Morris

Great Dane Club Of California And Great Dane Club Of San Diego Specialties
Comment From The Judges, June 2009

Closing The Gap – The Time Path
By Carmen L. Battaglia

A Special Day For Heather And Nadya
By Heather Weed

By Tracy Powell, DVM

Day In The Life Of A Best In Show Dog
By Serge Guillet And Dale Tarbox

Spotlight On A Veteran

2014 Judges Comments

GDC of Mid-Florida, GDC of Arizona and GDC of of Oxford Incorporated
by Arnecia Ekenrode

Great Dane Club of Las Vegas Specialty Slideshow
Comments from Judge Jack Watts

2012 Judges Comments

GDC of Michigan Specialty
By Leon Reimert

GDC of San Diego Specialty
By Nancy Perrell

GDC of North Central Florida Specialty
By Leon Reimert

Great Dane Club of Western New York
By Vern Harvey

Critique of the Heart of Minnesota Great Dane Specialty
By Ralph Graff

Comments from the  Alamo Great Dane Club
By Dana Cline

Great Dane Club of Lehigh Valley 2012
By Norvel Benoit

GDC of Lehigh Valley 2012
By Donna Clark

Judging at the GDC Of Western Washington
By Ron Pock

Judging at the GDC Of Western Washington
By Jason Hoke

Judging at the GDC Of Western Washington Sweeps
By Steve Arnold

Judging The GDC of Des Moines Specialty
By Treasure Hauer Wylie

Judging The GDC of Des Moines Specialty
By Lourdes Carvajal


Owner Handlers
Judith Arsenault
Nichole Bartlett
Robin Blackburn
Michelle Bjorkman
Karen Burkhart
Colleen Assell Carra
Wendy Cox
Renea LaNell Crowell
Kathleen Fennel
Linda DeVincent-Easley
Karen Hamlin
Lisbeth Sorflaten Hogmo
Fay Holbay
Mimi Tannehill Kim
Traci Knutson
Kathryn A. Kudron
Annette Larareo
Jacqueline Lawrence
Betty Lewis
Mary McSparen
Valerie Metcalf
Barbara Moffett
Michele Neff
Michelle Marie Neubert
Karen Pacino
Naida Parker
Charity Fulkerson Peech
Melissa Pevy
Taryn Pevy
Janie Pronto
Jim Remaklus
Pepper Riddle
Gary Romerosa
Susan Davis Shaw
Betty Streeter
Megan M. Strickland
Shirley Struble
Linda Tkach
Cat Urner
Jackie (Lipton) van Delft
Samantha VanFleet
Janet Watson
Mikie Woodworth
Treasure Hauer Wylie
Melanie Yellish
Shari Ziegenbein

Spotlight on a Participant
Kristen Kenny
Sandy Heimberg
Susan Davis Shaw
Debbie McMurdie


GDC of Greater Denver Specialty Show, June 1, 2012

Pickles the Splash Dog

Ask The Judge
Marsha Banks
Lisa DeRoulet
Anita Dunne
Katie Edwards
Gina M Jaeblon
Nancy Lerch
Betty Lewis
Karen Martin
Dave Miller
Leon Reimert
Nikki Riggsbee
Norman Vadenais
Bruce and Judy Voran


Breeder Profile
Warren and Norvel Beniot
Leslie Kettring
Jane Chopson
Kathy Frederick
Fran Lass
Karen Lindsey
Betty Streeter
Kathy Varian Toomey
Norman Vadenais
Randy Weaver
Marshall Stoner
Teresa LaBrie
Linda Cain

Handler Review
Lena Skov

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