Photo Gallery

****BWK’s Knock on the Sky, Listen to the Sound*****
*****BWK’s Frequency of the Beat V Tudor Danes*****
*****BWK’s Sassicaia Di Bolgheri*****

MBISS Can CH MBISS Am GCH Jerdan’s High Intensity Category 5 V Victoria, CGC, TD* FEATURE

GCH Velocity’s It’s About To Get Turbulent
GCH Velocity’s It’s About To Get Turbulent
GCH Velocity’s Borne On Raven’s Wings

GCHB Hauer N Lucianas Happily Ever After*

Resolute Danes Riddle Me This*

MBISS GCHS Spot-On Rosendane’s Brighter Than The Sun, AOM*

CH Rojon’s Kissed in the Dark CGCA*

Rojon’s Too Hot To Be Kissed*

Rojon’s For Your Eyes Only*

Rojon’s Here’s Looking At You Kid*

GCH NorthStar-7thHeaven-Kativa-ZephyrMoore Love Her Madly
CH NorthStar-7thHeaven-Kativa And I Love Her BCAT

CH Chinar’s Be Careful What You Witch For*

BISS GCHG Kemac’s Majestic Warrior V Hawthorne, AOM*

BISS CH L’Absolut-Sasdania Can You Keep A Secret Piper*

MBISS GCH Elle’s Sweetheart of a Deal, CGC TKN*

GCH MoonRiver’s Have Your Cake And Eat It Too, ROM CHIC
CH MoonRiver’s After All This Time
CH MoonRiver’s Chances and Choices
CH MoonRiver’s Confederate Rebel V Easterly
MBISS BISOH Am GCH & Can CH MoonRiver’s The Heart is a Lonely Hunter CA, TKP, RATO, DCAT, ACT2, AOM, CZ8B – BHA, Versatility Award – GDCA
CH MoonRiver’s Where The Heart Is V Turbo

CH MoonRiver’s Confederate Rebel V Easterly*

CH MoonRiver’s Chances and Choices*

TriLa Danes*
BISS GCH TriLa Windadsea California Dram At Oleander, CGC AOM
BPISS GCH TriLa’s Little Deuce Coupe, AOM
MBPISS CH TriLa’s Blinded by the Light, AOM
BPISS CH TriLa’s Made For Me at CoKi
MBPISS Cinful at NOMA WindyCity and TriLa, AOM
TriLa WindyCity ‘n Journey’s Only the Beginning, CGC

BISS BPIS GCH Alpine’s Living On A Champaign High*

GCH Sonya Danes N Journey’s Follow Your Bliss V KC Danes, AOM*

BISS GCHG Double D N Lore’s Ode to Joy, AOM*

MBIS MBISS GCHP MJM’s Talk of the Town*

GCHS Remo’s Inspector Clouseau*

Lagarada’s XR Forever Over and Above*

GEM Groucho Marx*

Intl Ch Danekraaft’s Neet Tilt-A-Whirl CAA*

CH Cilka’s Resurrect the Architect, RN*

Notoriety’s Chief Executive, RN BCAT CGCA CGCU TKN
MBPIS Honors/Int’l/Nat’l Puppy CH Am BPISS Davishire’s Dragon Song

CH Treue’s Beauxbaton Rave Decision*

Davisdane’s Seducktion v ESQ*

CH MoonRiver’s Summer Meadow Hot Stuff V Sanlor, RN CD TKN CGCA CHIC*

BBEBIS GCH ArborHills Dream with a V8 Engine*

Divine Acres I’ve Arrived at Regent*

Can CH Wil-Joi Alluring Larkspur V Meraki, TKN RN*

DaynakinZ Repeat Performace @Delta Breeze! CGC RATI*

CH Daynakin’s Alaskan Dawn, CGC*

GCH Danu’s Sinful Temptation For TDT, ACT I, NJP*

CH Maitau Cosmic Balor Believe in the Eyes of the Prophecy*
Davisdane N Balor The Chronicles of Ridduck*

CH Longo Miller N Lore’s Queen Bee V Nor’East*

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