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MHITp Danu’s Splitting Atoms, RN, OAP, AJP, ACT 2, TKN, VHMA
MHITp Danu’s Splitting Atoms, RN, OAP, AJP, ACT 2, TKN, VHMA


GCH FendaneSylcrest Take Note at Diriso

GCH Trila’s Little Deuce Coupe AOM

Ch Etar’s Consider It Done O’kyan”>

Ch MGCKNGDM All You Need Is Love Billy Shears

MBISSOH Ch MGCKNGDM You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar! AOM

GCH Dundane N KMA Playin it High & Mighty AOM

OHBISS Legado N Danemark’s Heart Of the Matter

MBISS GCH Cosmic Nobonz New Kid In Town

GCH Lobato’s Copa Copa Havanna

RBIS BISS GCHS Velocity’s Born On Raven’s Wings AOM

CH Wildside’s Destined to be Great @ Kindlefire
Wildside’s Shez a Bad Mama Jama @ Kindlfire
Wildside’s Whole Lotta Rosie
Wildside’s Full Metal Jacket

Antigua & Asbury Royale Dementor

RBIS GCHS VZtop Hillside Just Another Southern Gentleman 

MBISS GCH Elle’s Sweetheart of A Deal CHC TKC AOM

Ch Ellenni Blackstone Oh The Places You Will Go!

Ch Ellenni Blackstone Ashella Hoptimus

BISOH GCh VzTop’s Hillside Sweet Child 0-Mine*

CH MyJon’s That’s Amore Briarwood*

Saravilla Sign of The Times
Saravilla’s Ruadhan at Summer Meadow

Ellenni BLKSTN 26 Degrees Fool Sweet Timberline TKN

CH Larchwood Misty Valley A Canterbury Tale

SevenHawk’s First Failure to Launch, CA RATO CGC TKA

GCH Vision Quest Shadow Of The Season, AOM*

FendaneSylcrest The Golden Ticket*

GCH FendaneSylcrest Take Note at Diriso*

CH Sumner N Mesaba Mr. October*

CH Devine’s Blacklister Doc Holiday*

Solara’s Maybe Later Clark*

Revenir Champlain’s I’m A Timeless Hurricane V RDF*

BIS MBISS GCHS Sumner A Pocket Full of Kisses at Wayne Manor, FCAT AOM RATI CA

Nobledane Party of the Century

BISS CH FendaneSylcrest Red Sails In The Sunset at BRAHMS*

GCH FendaneSylcrestTake Note at Diriso*

GCH YAMRB Misty of Rondomar*
GCH YAMRB Misty of Rondomar*

RBIS BISS GCHG Whispering Pines MDT King of the Pride*

GCHB Ellenni Blackstone Ashella Baby Got Bock!*

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