Photo Gallery

****Syvile N Cahoots Get Jerome Beer*****

BISS Am GCH Can CH Jerdan’s High Intensity Category 5 V Victoria, CGC, Trick Dog* FEATURE

MBISS BISOH Am GCH & Can CH MoonRiver’s The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, CA TKP RATO DCAT ACT2 AOM CZ8B – BHA Versatility Award – GDCA* FEATURE

CH DRR Colra’s I’m A Naughty Hottie*

Quartermile’s Second Times The Charm*

Intl Ch Danekraaft’s Neet Tilt-A-Whirl CAA*

CH Foxrun’s Rye on the Rocks V Granite*

CH BPIS Alpine’s Living On A Champaign High*

CH Journey’s N Belle Vie Layin Down the Law*

BISS GCHS Creek Dane’s Once In A Lifetime V Enzo, AOM*

Velocity’s Borne On Raven’s Wing
Velocity’s It’s About To Get Turbulent

YK N Flynn Catch Me If You Can

BISS GCH Spot-On Rosendane’s Brighter Than The Sun, AOM*

CH Etar’s Mmmm Mmmm Good!*

CH Etar N Syvile’s Six Degrees of Separation*

CH Tered-DBM N Payaso’s Leaving U Star Struck*

Cupar’s You Crossed The Line*

MoonRiver’s Sugar Magnolia v Windy Hill*

BISS GCHG Double D N Lore’s Ode to Joy, AOM*
BISS GCHG Double D N Lore’s Ode to Joy, AOM*

GCH Sonya Danes N Journey’s Follow Your Bliss V KC Danes, AOM*

BISS Am MBISS Can GCH Neet’s California Baby*

Chinars Grand Stand Man*

CH Wecos King of the Castle*

Davishire’s You’ll Not See Nothing Like Him*

CH Krisda Kennedys Dr. Livingston, I Presume?*

MBISS GCHG Lagarada Danehills Start Struck Titan, CHIC*

BISS GCHB Intl/Natl CH Neet’s All About Freaky Styley, RA TKP FDC CAX CGCA CGCU*

GCH BRF’s Can’t Keep A Good Man Down, AOM*

MBISS BIF GCH Landmark-Divine Acres Kiss Myself, I’m So Pretty*

BBPISS Cilka’s Resurrect the Architect*

BIS Int CH Am CH Fontana Kristda’s Knight Magic the Force Awakens*

GCH Kibri-Lincoln Classical Gas*

CH Davisdane’s Ducktor Drakken I Presume, BN RN*
CH Davisdane’s Dare to Be a Duck, CD RA BN CGCA HOF
CH Davisdane-Speakeasy Pretty As a Picture, CGC
CH Davisdane’s Rubber Ducky You’re the One, CD RA BN CGCA
GCH Davisdane’s The Duck Stops Here

GCHB Cosmic JV NoBonz Stealing The Starlight, AOM*

MBIS MBISS GCHG Creek Danes I’m The Head Honcho El Jefe V Enzo, AOM HOF*

Int CH Blueprint’s Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
UKC Int CH Timeless’ Starry Night at Blueprint
Int CH Timeless Magic’s Champagne and Roses V Dantry
Int CH Timeless Magic’s Knight to Remember

Am Mex CH Fleckenhaus Aries*

MBISS GCHG Southern Star Norse God Odin at Valhalla, AOM*
MBISS GCHG Southern Star Norse God Odin at Valhalla, AOM*

Lagarada’s XR Forever Over and Above*

UKC Int/Nat CH Oceanblue Coleridge Tangled In My Web, RATI CGC RN*

Dats How We Like to Party, CA TKN CGC*

Davishire’s You’ll Not See Nothing Like Him*

Sum-Dane’s The Perfect Storm*

Lagarada’s XR Diamonds are Forever V Daynakin*

Daynakin’s Dinah-Myte Darling*

CH CR Heart of Texas at KindleFire*

MBISS RBIS GCHG Raintree Erinwood Dixie’s Pin Up Girl V. Elan, AOM*

CH MoonRiver’s Summer Meadow Hot Stuff V Sanlor RN CGC*

CH KRW ABW Dancing In The Moonlight*

CH Northstar-7thheaven-Kativa You Can’t Hurry Love*

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