Photo Gallery

***CH Dane Dreamin’s Magic At Midnight***

GCHS VZTOP Hillside Just Another Southern Gentleman* FEATURE

GCHB Stardust’s King Of Late Night,AOM*

CH Longo N Vandelft’s Star-Lord*

OHBISS GCHB Chanoz Easy On The Eyes, CGC TKI AOM*

CH Sundown’s What’s One More at Waters Edge, CGC TKN*

CH Cosmic NoBonz New Kid in Town*

GCHB Ellenni Blackstone Ashella Baby Got Bock!*

CH Rosecran’s Larger Than Life*

GCHB KMA Lemaire’s Gladiator
GCHB KMA Lemaire’s Gladiator

BPISS FendaneSylcrest Going with the Flow CGC TKA VHM*

BPISS CH Alaskan Daynakin A Love Worth Waiting 4 TKN*

Longo Miller EverAfter’s Shadows Of A Rune TKN*

MBISS GCH Resolute Danes Riddle Me This TKN

MBISS AM GCHS CAN & INTL CH Lagarda’s XR Diamonds Are Forever V Daynakin, AOM
BISS GCH Lagarada’s XR Forever Gunther
CH Lagarada’s XR Forever Over and Above

CH Alpine’s Don’t You Want to be Happy*

BRF’s N America’s Red White & Fawn
America’s Shining Star of Freedom

CH Longo N Vandelft’s Goddess of Death, AOM
CH Longo N Vandelft’s Hemi Unleashed Get Outta Dogde, AOM
Longo N Vandelft’s We Are Venom
Longo N Vandelft’s  Mclaren
Longo N Vandelft’s Star-Lord
Longo N Vandelft’s Mr. Fawntastic, CGC TKN

CH Paxton’s A Very Good Place to Start FDC CHIC*

CH Longo N Vandelft’s Hemi Unleashed Get Outta Dogde, AOM*

GCH Z-Dane’s Cover of the Rolling Ston do Alto Gavea*

Great Dane Great Deeds*

Cot Beds 4 Canines*

UKC CH Seventh Heavens N Our Danes Hell-On The Heart*

Legado N Danemark’s Heart Of The Matter*

GCH YAMRB Misty of Rondomar*

Lagarada’s Mirakel XR’s Country Rhythm*

Int’l CH Unity’s Prayze Dancer CGCA, TKN*


CH Mgckngdms You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar! V ABW*

CH Leggo’s O2 Von Bismarck, CGC AOE*

CH KRW ABW Full Circle*

WildSide’s Shez A Bad Mama Jama @ KindleFire
Wildside’s Full Metal Jacke @ Carrera
WildSide’s Whole Lotta Rosie

MBISS GCH Elle’s Sweethear of a Deal, CGC TKN AOM*

CH Naples Sanroque Sweet Revenge at RSF*
BISS GCHS BRF’s N Chinar’s Man with a Plan, AOM CHIC

MBISS Am GCHB Can & Int’l CH Lagarada’s  XR Diamonds Are Forever V Daynakin, AOM*

BISS GCH Lagarada’s  XR Diamonds Forever Gunther*

MBISS GCHB UKC BIS CH INT’L BIS CH Sumner a Pocket Full of Kisses at Wayne Manor, DCAT RATI AOM*


Cosmic Nobonz New Kid In Town*

Solara N Cahoots Genesis*

GCHB B & K Paradise El Patron

Patientdanes Boldly Color Outside the Lines V TTNM CGC TKN

CH MoonRiver’s Celestial Joyride

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