Photo Gallery


****GCH Spot-On Rosendane’s Brighter Than The Sun, AOM******

BISS GCH Ink Spot’s From Sea To Shining Sea, AOM, CHIC* FEATURE

GCH Rojon’s Cast Fate to the Wind, AOM* FEATURE

GCH Remo’s Inspector Clouseau*

CH KRW ABW Just Another Dayn in Paradise*

GCH Alpine’s She’s So Rock Steady Bam A Lam*

GCH Peakview’s Kiss & Hug, AOM

GCH Big Paws N EB Always Bet on Black*

BISS BPIF GCH Creek Danes Once In A Lifetime v Enzo, AOM*

BISS GCH Double D N Lore’s Ode to Joy*

GCH Sharcon’s San Sebation

BISS GCH Payaso Alto Gavea Henry Kissinger, AOM*

BISS GCHS Southern Star Norse God Odin at Valhalla, AOM*

MBISS GCHS Patientdanes Making Waves Dori, AOM*

GCH Stargazn’s Cassiopeia at Rochford*

Longo Miller N Lore’s Sugar N Spice*

CH Rojon’s Shut Up and Kiss Me*
CH Rojon’s Shut Up and Kiss Me*

BIS BISS GCHP Tue-J’s Pacific Category Five*

MBIS MBISS GCHP Gracyn Lost Creek The Descendant of Elan, AOM*

BISS GCH Creek Danes I’m The Head Honcho El Jefe V Enzo, AOM*

BISS GCH Double D N Lore’s Ode to Joy*

GCH Pegasus Grabbin’ The Bull By The Horns V TTS*

Pegasus Black Tie Affair*

Longo Miller N Lore’s Ovation*

Arbor Hills High Heel Sneakers*

Keller-Nikolodeon’s n Starz Hey ther Georgi Girl*
Am Can GCH MBPISS Nikolodeon’s “That’s It! I Gotta Be Me!” CGC
Nikolodeon’s Shamrock Shenanigans
Nikolodeon’s Limerick Heart
Nikolodeon’s Emeral Isle


Destiny’s One Cool Reflection*

Davisdane’s Ducktor Drakken I Presume, BN RN
My Dad Is A Giraffe, BN RN CDX RAE1 CGC

Am UKC BIS CH Hauer N Rockingdane’s Knight In Shining Armour, AOM*

7th Heaven Northstar – Kativa’s Love is Here To Stay*

Can GCH & Am CH Paquestone’s Game On V Paquin*
Can GCH & Am CH Paquestone’s Flashy Fabio*
Can & Am CH Paquestone’s Gosh I Am Gorgeous*

CH Fontana Krisda’s Knight Magic The Force Awakens*

Command’s DayStar Phoenix Force v Prizm*

CH DeLuna Murbe She’s All That*

Icon-Hauer’s White House Black Market*

WYSIWYG’s Bos’n at Anchor V Breakwall*

CH MoonRiver’s First Light at Atelier*

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