2013 National Specialty Judges

Our 2013 National Specialty Judges were asked to put together a list of 10 things that we may not know about each of them. Their answers range from very thoughtful to hilarious. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into their life “behind the scenes.”

Linda Tonnancour

1. On a Sunday afternoon, with my hair in rollers, I met my husband while on a blind date. Several months later we were married and recently celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary!
2. I love most veggies but don’t care for peas unless they’re in a pod, or corn unless it’s on the cob!
3. My literature of choice is romance novels.
4. My wardrobe consists mostly of my favorite colors, the hot colors: red, orange and yellow.
5. My favorite dessert is ice cream.
6. I am hopelessly claustrophobic.
7. As the much younger sibling of 4, I was very spoiled by the others!
8. In my youth, I did tap and ballet for 10 years; however, do not ask me to do a soft shoe at this point of my life. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!
9. Please no raisins of any kind in my food! YUCK!
10. Numbers are my strength, but “speling” ain’t my thing!


Norvel Alexander Benoit

1. Growing up my nickname was “Beaver” (as in Leave It To…)
2. I used to teach 5th grade Math, Science and Social Studies.
3. I stopped eating red meat when I was 8 years old.
4. I am an aficionado of horse racing, pro boxing and shooting pool.
5. My neighbors call me “a recluse.”
6. I grew up playing violin and riding show horses (American Saddlebred)
7. I am a member of Romance Writers of America.
8. I own several real estate and insurance companies.
9. I have no tanning pigment so I am very sun sensitive.
10. I am a Certified Instructor for health guru Dr. Deepak Chopra.


Gina Jaeblon

1. My middle name: nobody has ever been able to guess what it is.
2. My biggest vice: the slot machines.
3. Two philosophies I live by: What I don’t know won’t hurt me, and One good friend is worth a thousand acquaintances.
4. I would kill for Baskin-Robbins Peanut Butter ‘n Chocolate ice cream.
5. I need “Depends” if I have to go into the ring to handle!
6. Been married 50 years to a non-dog person, my soul mate, and still in love.
7. Terrified of flying.
8. Elvis Presley has always been the love of my life.
9. Biggest pet peeve: female drivers.
10. I love British movies and TV series.


Robert Layne

1. My new name is Pa Pi, now that I am a proud grandfather.
2. I am the coach for my department to participate in the annual 5-mile “Walk to Cure Cancer”
3. My love for gospel music was the original incentive behind Lu-Rob Enterprises. The “Top Twenty” came much later.
4. I co-owned other breeds: Champion Dalmatian, Top producing bitch in her year; Champion Giant Schnauzer, Top Dog in her year; Champion Irish Wolfhound and Champion Doberman.
5. I author/co-author journal articles on Higher Ed institutions collaborating with public schools and colleges to help students become aware of careers in biomedical research, biotechnology and the health professions.
6. I am a member of the Work Group Advisory Board for the Central Massachusetts Partnership to Improve Care at the End of Life.
7. I am an Advisory Board member of the Massachusetts Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (MOLST) initiative and appear in the training video.
8. I am an Advisory Board member for the first “Breast Cancer Resource Guide of Massachusetts”
9. I enjoy world traveling and participating in “Daredevil” activities.
10. I am a first-rate chef and prepare meals for the sick and elderly twice a month.


Linda Cain

1. I am a tall, thin woman stuck in a fluffy body.
2. Married to my best friend who is a retired LDO Marine Corps officer.
3. I finally grew up enough to have my own horses, Arabian and Quarter horses. I rescued two of them before I even had a place to keep them.
4. I was raised by two wonderful sets of grandparents after my parents passed away.
5. I love to have my hair brushed. Paid my grandkids to brush my hair!
6. I love getting my pedicures and having my legs and feet massaged.
7. I am a shopaholic, which nobody believes…NOT. But it must be a BIG sale.
8. I have worked for the Marine Corps as a civilian for nearly 40 years. Started as a teenager.
9. Love life to its fullest and want to touch everything, see everywhere and try new things and new foods!
10. I am truly blessed to have a wonderful family of dog people in my life; some came through my life and taught me many tough lessons, and many stayed. Love you all.

God bless you all. Thanks for your confidence in my knowledge of our wonderful breed that I have been selected to judge the Futurity.


Lorraine Matherly

1. I may be taller than you think! (Someone actually said that to me at a National)
2. I was born in Tokyo, Japan.
3. Japanese was my first language (but I don’t know how to speak it now!)
4. I lived in Verona and Vicenza, Italy when I was a child.
5. Italian was my third language…I ran with the Italian kids. I love Italia, Italian people and especially Italian food!!
6. The landlady in Italy had a garden behind the house and I have always dreamt of her beautiful, delicious strawberries and yard long beans. I have tried to grow them here but the darn ground squirrels have stripped my garden. So this year, I have a greenhouse and finally tasted my own home-grown strawberries! Waiting for tomatoes and beans with great expectation!
7. I raise chickens for eggs…love these humorous birds! I have fawns (Buff Orpingtons), blacks (Austrolorps) and harls (Silver laced Wyandottes).
8. My first paying job was singing in churches (various denominations) on Sundays.
9. I met my husband, Glenn, in April 1975 and married him in May 1975. It has taken a lot of work, but he’s darn near perfect now.
10. Judging the Futurity was an item on my Bucket List. I am so grateful to the membership for giving me this opportunity! Thank you so very much!

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