2014 National Specialty Judges

Since the 2013 Judges were such good sports about sharing, our 2014 Judges were asked the same question. Jane had emailed me on May 13th to say that she had put together 8 things so far, and her list would be complete soon. We are so sorry not to be able to share her list with you.

So Linda and Norvel could bond over romance novels, Leon and Lorraine both love fowl, and our judges believe in long-term relationships. And who could have foreseen Wyandotte referring to both chickens and dogs? Hope you enjoy.


Patricia Ciampa

1. I was working for the Army Corps of Engineers when I met my future husband Joe, who was in the Air Force at the time. We were both engaged to other people when we met. We were married the following year. So much for long engagements.
2. We have been married for 47 years and my husband has only been to two dog shows. Until recently, he had never even fed a dog.
3. Joe and I have a son and a daughter. Our son took over his father’s plumbing business and our daughter took over my dog care facility. We have nine grandchildren and one great-granddaughter and I think I may need to get a part-time job to keep up with Christmas, birthdays and assorted holidays.
4. I think most people know I don’t fly, but I’m also not fond of bridges and tunnels, and Helen has to drive in lightning storms. I’m very happy that the 2014 National is in Ohio; it should be an easy trip.
5. When I drink wine my left ear gets red. My right ear gets red when people give me ribbon burn while taking their second through fourth place ribbons at shows.
6. I break or lose at least one pair of eyeglasses a week. Now I have prescription glasses and I have misplaced them, probably forever.
7. People stare at me in the grocery store as I scan bar codes on products with my newly acquired iPhone, which has an app for gluten free products. I still can’t believe I can do that and it works!
8. Years ago I had dogs with titles on both ends. Now I’ve come full circle and need to train them to not pull their “not so young” Mom down the stairs.
9. We once had a nine month old bitch who went outside early one morning when the sun was just coming up like a ball of fire in the sky. She looked up at it and hid from the sun for the entire next month. Yes, she did have a normal life after that and loved everyone she ever met.
10. My husband recently said to me “We are retired now and you don’t need any more dogs.” So, I kept the biggest one I could find!!


Leon Reimert

1. My first pedigreed dog was a Collie given to me by my father on my 14th birthday.
2. I bred one litter of German Shepherds and several litters of Miniature Poodles in my teens.
3. I raised Bantams for many years.
4. I like cats and my favorite breed is the Maine Coon. I have attended several cat shows.
5. I enjoy gardening and grow orchids.
6. I am a volunteer for United Against Puppy Mills. Our mission is to promote awareness and provide training and support for people interested in effecting positive action for the elimination of puppy mills as they currently exist.
7. My profession was in Cosmetology and I specialized in hair coloring.
8. My hobbies include collecting antique porcelains, glass, bronzes and Dane items.
9. I have been with my partner Dave for the past 43 years. He is a good handler and excellent kennel help.


Fran Lass

1. My idea of a good meal is a Diet Pepsi and a Russell Stover Caramel Chocolate Bar (or 2 or 3)
2. My son has now surpassed me in age – He is 50.
3. I love cats – Don’t have one right now but had as many as 13 one time when I lived on 10 acres. Cats kept disappearing from becoming hawk or coyote lunch. I needed spares.
4. I am still wearing some of the same clothes to dog shows that I wore in 1991.
5. My first and only dog as a kid was a Boxer.
6. Love margaritas.
7. Love Kahlua and cream.
8. I have to have a plan for everything – Plan A, B, C, D. Always a backup plan.
9. I hate change and new things – no smart phone, no Windows 8. I want everything to stay as it is.
10. I cut donuts in half and only eat the top part with the frosting. Same with cake…Angel food with strawberry icing is my favorite.


Joy Lobato

1. I started dancing at three years old and later went on to dance with a professional modern dance group for one year in Kansas City.
2. For 8 years I handled and co-bred black Great Danes with Ron Williams under the name Wyandotte Great Danes.
3. I was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts but was raised in Charleston, South Carolina. They called me a “Damn Yankee.”
4. I came from an Air Force family. I lifeguarded on the Air Force Base in Charleston where I was head guard for 6 summers. In fact, I was Jerry’s boss. Someone had to watch out for him! He was an Air Force brat too!
5. Jerry and I have been married 40 years but we have known each other for 50! This is more information than you need to know.
6. Not everyone knows that I have a 10 1/2 foot tall A in my living room. It is neon and really lights up! It came off a historical building in Kansas City. But REALLY? In my living room? To make matters worse, I have a huge W in my dining room. I have letters everywhere.
7. My personal favorite activities until I started showing dogs were tennis and bowling.
8. One of my fun moments showing dogs was finishing 3 dogs in one day: Cassion, Party and Cody.
9. One of my most surprising moments as a Physical Education teacher of 35 years was the day I gave my husband his 40th birthday party. A friend of mine hired a stripper to come to the party. Well, it turned out to be one of my former students, Gabrielle! I will never forget her. She always wanted to be a STAR! She got her wish!
10. I have handled several all breed dogs besides Danes, such as Mastiffs, Whippets and Pointers. I actually owned my very own American Pointer at one time.

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