2018 Top 25 All-Breed Totals

Great Danes AKC TopDogs Using All-Breed Totals
Starting January 1, 2018 and ending December 31, 2018
1GCHG Spot-On Word Of HonorB29681076 7602 
2GCHS Tandts Gmjs The Inimitable Doc HollidayD411132369 6347 
3GCHP Mjms Talk Of The TownD0912131189 5733 
4GCHG Naplessanroquemayfair 2j Backintheblack @ SansharD1775872 5092 
5GCHG Raintree Erinwood Dixies Pin Up Girl V ElanB0283343 2449 
6GCHS Jerdans High Intesity Catargory 5 V Victoria CGC TKND0144454 2325 
7GCHG Kemacs Majestic Warrior V HawthorneD0232351 1871 
8GCHB Landmark-Divine Acres Kiss Myself, Im So PrettyB1612020 1851 
9GCHP Neets Whirlwind Romance CGCA CGCU TKND0453242 1832 
10GCHB Hauer N Rockingdanes Knight In Shining Armour CGCD03610139 1815 
11GCHG Double D N Lores Ode To JoyD0303050 1739 
12GCHG Cabs Lagarada WrapD N Gold RibN XrD0221240 1490 
13GCHS Spot-On Rosendanes Brighter Than The SunB0141036 1244 
14GCHS Neets DonT Call Me BabyB0323026 1210 
15GCHS Hauer N Lucianas Happily Ever AfterB0322330 1072 
16GCHS Valbydane DesignacapturemomentD0033125 1003 
17GCHG Patientdanes Making Waves DoriB0030017 864 
18GCHG Ellennis Mahal Kita RN FDC DSA DJ CGCA CGCUB0000530 762 
19GCHS Orion-Windycitys Steel Guitar V Dane DcoeurD0011534 744 
20GCHB Wildsides Get Off Of My CloudD010019 455 
21GCH Brinnlanns Royal Blush At Key LargoB0010210 399 
22GCHS Remos Inspector ClouseauD002018 393 
23GCHB Poetrys Speaker For The Southern Girls CAB002009 350 
24GCH Elles Deal With It BCATD002217 325 
25GCH Chanoz Dressed To The 9s In FaithD001013 322 
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