Stud Expiration List

updated 02/11/21
includes 1/4 page unless indicated

04/23/2022 Affaire’s Sweet Basil Rain
04/28/2022 Bayside’s Cutting Edge
04/11/2022 Bayside’s My Cousin Vinny
04/07/2022 BRF’s N Chinar’s Man With A Plan
04/05/2022 MK Danes All Aboard The Crazy Train
04/01/2022 Windy Hills Ruff N Ready V BRF
04/07/2022 Trila’s Little Deuce Coupe
04/07/2022 Shorline’s East West Under Influence
04/07/2022 DRR Colras I’m The Impressive one
04/07/2022 Northstar-7th Heaven Kativa Easy Lover
04/07/2022 Dundane N KMA Playin it High and Mighty
04/07/2022 Bayside Just Another Day in Paradise
04/07/2022 B and K Seans Grand Slam V Paradise
04/07/2022 VZ top Hillsise Just Another Southern Gentleman
04/07/2022 Davisdane N Balor The Chronicle Of Riddick
04/07/2022 Davisdnae Duckktor Draken I Presume
04/07/2022 Etar’s Consider It Done O’Kyan

Start 1/4 – MGKNGDB ALl You Need Is Love Billy Shears
06/15/2021 B and K Paradise EL Patron
06/15/2021 Weco x Lagarada Turn The Page For K-Sera
06/01/2021 KRW ABW Full Circle 1/4
06/07/2021 ABW KRW Blake Of A Lifetime 1/4 (1/4 renews in July) Email Wendy for same deal for July issue

09/04/2021 Shoreline’s Working On A Dream 1/4
08/19/2021 Elle’s Sweetheart of a Deal 1/4


05/25/21 FendaneSylcrest The Golden Ticket
05/24/21 Sumner N Mesaba Mr. October
05/24/21 Devine’s Blacklister Doc Holiday
05/22/21 Solara’s Maybe Later Clark
05/1/21 FendaneSylcrestTake Note at Diriso
05/10/21 Revenir Champlain’s I’m A Timeless Hurricane V RDF
05/01/21 VZTOP-Hillside Just Another Southern Gentleman – FEATURE
05/01/21 Larchwood Misty Valley A Canterbury Tale – Top Billing
04/11/21 SevenHawk’s First Failure to Launch – FEATURE (Feb and March)-
04/03/21 Sarah Chant’s Ransom – Top Billing –
3/28/21 Judi Arsenault’s Echo –

04/23/21 WindyCity Secret’s Out at Owl Ridge – Top Billing

04/09/21 Dianne Powers –

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